David m johnson





Who I Am

I'm a Bachelor of Arts graduate from The University of Toledo focused in Film/Video, with a minor in Communications (Visual). I am also certified as a Production Assistant through the Cuyahoga Community College "Film Tech Training" program. I'm proficient working with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro. I pride myself on my camera work, and as an editor with a keen eye for detail.

I want to provide my editing and creative skills to those who seek it, and supply them with something they can appreciate.


The camera is an eye to capturing moments and exposing the beauty of the world.  I look to take photographs that have an appealing artistic style.  For me, it's all about the details, and contrast between light and dark.  Make sure to check out my gallery, where you can browse my work and order prints.

I also invest in being a Stock Media Artist, where I can supply businesses and other creatives with material to use in their projects. Freelance work is another way to utilize my skills and help others.  I can be found on Upwork, where I can assist with numerous Photoshop tasks you may need done.


Need some photo editing/video editing done?  

Reach out to me HERE, where we can discuss and get to work.

My gear

Canon Rebel T3i


Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6


 Still Life, Macro, Landscape

                                                               “It takes a keen eye to see an interesting aspect of the world around you. I look for the finer details, and try to capture them in an artistic way.